DVD 1:
1. The Conception
2. God’s Equation
3. United Alliance
4. Atomic Firelight
5. The Prophecy of Pleiades
6. Search For Life
7. Coming Home
8. Exploring Life
9. Enigmatic Mission
10. Through Osiris’ Eyes
11. Alien Kamikaze

1. New World Order (Live ProgPower USA)
2. Aegean Shores (Live ProgPower USA)
3. Supremacy, Our Kind (Live ProgPower USA)
4. Farewell (Live Skien Norway)
5. Osiris’ Triumphant Return (Live Skien Norway)
6. Of Epic Questions… (The Rehearsal Tapes)
7. Resurrection (Back in Time) (The Rehearsal Tapes)
8. The Celestine Prophecy (The Rehearsal Tapes)
9. The Seven Sacred Promises (The Rehearsal Tapes)

CD: Same content as DVD 1.



Produced by Pagan’s Mind

Comes in three different versions:
2DVD + CD (limited edition)
and DVD + CD

Live Equation

Released on Sept. 14, 2009